Our company is active in the prevention of the coronavirus

A security firm must continually evaluate both its customer and its own risk exposures.
Today, the spreading corona virus poses a serious threat to the global economy, the operation of companies and, last but not least, the health of all of us.
We are also very confident that our country will not be affected by the epidemic – but we must also be prepared for the worst-case scenarios in the security profession! For this reason, we have taken and will continue to take appropriate precautions.
We have already started to procure and distribute hand sanitizers, mouth masks, and digital thermometers, and we have started training our colleagues. The training of our employees and especially the security guards is also extremely important because they can come into contact with many people at the premises of our customers.
So far, only a fraction of our customers have indicated that they require our preventive involvement, but we are ready.

Board of Directors of Őrmester Nyrt.