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Audit report instead of an illusion of security


Quite often, we easily miss serious risks due to so-called organizational blindness and bad habits. This is why an examination by an external expert can be so useful. Ask our audit team, made up of experienced professionals, for a precise and objective assessment of your company’s property security level. Besides exploring any deficiencies, we also determine the necessary management, organizational and technological measures.

The security audit serves to

  • determine to what extent and how the safeguarding security requirements set out by law, standards, protective regulations, regulatory requirements, inspectorate instructions, professional recommendations, contract commitments and internal regulations are complied with;
  • determine to what extent the personal, organizational and technical conditions that are relevant to security and needed for smooth operation are guaranteed;
  • evaluate the dangers and risk factors of the operation in the company as well as the adequacy of its risk management practices;
  • classify the status and efficiency of the security (protection) system to point out the issues in terms of safeguarding that may need to be solved;
  • make recommendations for the necessary corrective measures to ensure that the security interests of both the companies and the owner (operator) prevail to the maximum extent possible.

The fields inspected in the course of the security audit

The property security audit comprises the inspection of the following areas:

  • the property security requirements set for the organization and its place(s) of operations (premises, branch) by law, any standards or contractual commitments (e.g. in property insurance and employers' liability insurance policies, quality management systems, collective bargaining agreements, etc.) and the compliance therewith;
  • how the security of the production, storage and logistic processes and their individual elements (stages) are linked to personal responsibility; its traceability, registration, control, certification, retrievability and critical points;
  • the level of regulation of the internal order of the premises (the property security requirements provided by the employer), the employees’ knowledge thereof – in particular the entry and exit of persons and vehicles, the order of entry and exit of raw materials/finished products/other materials, the movement in the premises and in the facilities within it, access rights, key management, the closing, opening and inspection requirements for the facilities, and how these are realized in practice

The results and documentation of the security audit

  • a summary report containing the findings and conclusions of the screening and recommendations for management measures;
  • the documents, extracts, data rows, calculations and examples that support the findings, as attachments;
  • executive summary;

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