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Keep burglars away with professional solutions certified by the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ).


The security and armored doors we install make it extremely difficult – or even impossible – for burglars to get through.

At the same time, we also keep aesthetic look and easy handling in mind.

Within the framework of our free consultancy services, we assess your flat, family or vacation home and make suggestions on the all-round improvement of its mechanical protection. Our headquarters has a showroom available to our customers. We undertake post-burglary restoration 24 hours a day.

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of products that we can use to make your home safer:

Security and armored doors

You can choose from thousands of variations as you wish.

  • The installable lock systems meet the highest protection demands.
  • The tailored selection of coverings enables you to choose a door that harmonizes with your internal doors and windows or even with your hallway furniture.
  • The security door is installed together with a reinforced casing made of a 40 × 80 hollow section.
  • All of our products are equipped with the grill seen on the image, made of a 20 × 20 hollow section with a pitch of 300 mm.
  • A layer of ‘Therwoolin’ sound and thermal insulation material can also be added as an option, which may be covered with a further sheet if needed.
  • Critical points of the lock systems are protected by extra plates.
  • The outermost layer is the selectable wooden cover.
  • Independent of the lock system used, the doors are secured at two points on each of the top, bottom and back planes.
  • o Depending on the lock system, they are secured by 3 to 9 rods on the front plane.

Custom-made doors

Of course, security doors can also be ordered – besides the single or double versions – in any desired sizes, with fixed or openable windows of various sizes, with upper windows of various sizes or with a fixed part, with a grill between or in front of the glass.

Locks, cylinders, lock systems

  • Cylinder lock: These locks can be installed with cylinder units of various quality, and are equipped with a lock breaking prevention shield from the outside. From the simplest cylinders protected against drilling to the most advanced Mottura cylinder units offering the highest level of protection available.
  • o Double-bitted lock: Mottura lever lock. Lever locks resist breaking and drilling. The locks come with 3 pcs. double-bitted keys that drive a block-shaped bolt to 36 mm locking depth with 4 turns.
  • o Special lock systems: The doors are equipped with two locks: the upper lock is a Mottura lever lock. Lever lock technology resists breaking and drilling. The lock comes with 3 pcs. 40 mm double-bitted keys that drive 4 pcs. of 18 mm diameter rods to a locking depth of 40 mm, and 1 pc. 20 mm diameter bolt that locks 20 mm deep into the door casing. The lower lock drives 1 pc. 18 mm diameter rod to a locking depth of 22 mm. The lower lock also shuts the upper lock’s key hole.

Cross bar locks

  • Security features of cross bar locks:
  • The actuator cylinder is protected against drilling
  • It is protected against breaking and cannot be manipulated from the outside
  • Protected against ramming
  • Lock bolts are secured against sliding backwards

Cross bar lock installation:

  • In horizontal, vertical and cross-shaped versions
  • In white and brown colors, sintered
  • Also in custom sizes

Door grills

Security features of door grills:

  • Protects doors from being lifted and being forced in or out
  • Locks are protected against breaking and drilling
  • Equipped with cylinder or lever locks and/or lock systems securing multiple points

Door grill installation:

  • Single or double, and/or in fixed side or top variations
  • Selectable grill patterns (see grill patterns)
  • The selectable grill pattern is within a min. 40×40 mm hollow section frame
  • Flat steel cover along the whole side of the lock bolt
  • Primer and a basic color as requested, or a custom color according to the RAL color palette
  • Accurately finished welding seams
  • At least 3 welded steel hinges
  • Automatic locks


  • Anchored to the wall at min. 10 points
  • Anchoring depth: min. 150 mm

Window grills, decorative grills

Specifications of the window grills sold by our company:

  • Grills are made of 12 mm squares or a 20×20 mm hollow section
  • The frame of the grill is also made of the same material
  • If requested, with 20×20, 40×20 or 40×40 frames, also in openable versions
  • 100×300 mm or equivalent pitch
  • Belly grills offer space for flower boxes or let you lean out of the window
  • Accurately finished welding seams
  • Primer and a basic color as requested
  • Custom color according to the RAL color palette

Mobile window grills:

In order to avoid the so-called prison effect, we also install sliding structures that, incidentally, can be extremely useful in case of a fire or any other situation that requires evacuation.


Window grill installation:

  • Permanently fixed to the wall at 4 or more points
  • Anchoring depth: min. 150 mm

Security, light and heat blocking foils

Light blocking and security foils in more than 30 colors or in transparent version are also available

Steel structures

  • Designing and constructing new steel structure buildings
  • Reinforcing existing buildings with steel structures
  • Static reinforcing of existing buildings with steel structures
  • Stairs, railings, gates and fences, also based on custom concepts
  • Awnings with glass or polycarbonate covering

Sash jammer – for doors and windows

Factory made, retrofittable sash jammers – primarily for plastic and wooden doors and windows – provide protection against intrusions from outside.

Why you should choose us:

  • We visit you without charging a call-out fee and make a free mechanical protection offer.
  • All the solutions we offer are certified by the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ).
  • We assist you in drawing up your complex property protection system.
  • We remain at your disposal with our continuous and free consultancy services.

Should you have any further comments or questions, please call our expert EszterKincs on the following number +36 1 368 2002 or ask for an audit now.

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