Use of cookies

As almost every company, that have websites, also uses cookies on its web pages. A cookie is a small, unique text information file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies have many functions. Among other things, they collect information, note the custom settings of the visitor, and use them for example. using online shopping carts and making it easy for users to use the website in general.

Enable, restrict, or disable cookies
All modern browsers can configure whether or not the visitor accepts cookies. It is also possible to customize the settings in the browser to ask the visitor to notify you if the website wants to place a cookie in your browser, as well as whether the different types of cookies can be retained or deleted when you close the browser program. It is important to know that some services on certain websites are specifically dependent on the acceptance of cookies, so if you disable cookies, you may experience unexpected behavior on the website, or worse, it will be impossible to use the services of the website.

You can find the cookie settings for the most popular browsers at the link below
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Types of cookies
A session cookie is a type of cookie that is required to maintain the most basic browsing processes. In the absence of this, the steps from page-to-page process is not traceable by the website. The content of the cookie is usually just a text consisting of 20-30 quasi-random alphanumeric characters.
Cookies that promote advertising and browsing are cookies that collect the visitor's browsing habits on the website, thus enabling more targeted and customized offers, and thus increasing the user experience during browsing. The cookie content is more informative than session cookies, but the visitor's personal information may not be included.

Cookies on website
The website of allows session cookies, including, but not limited to, the operation of individual insurance policies, or the possibility of entering your personal menu for your customers. And with advertising and browsing cookies, looking at visitors' habits, they are trying to make their services more effective and increase the user experience of the Website.

Google remarketing
By visiting the Website, you acknowledge and agree that we send one or more cookies to your computer during your visits to our website, which will allow your browser to be uniquely identified. These cookies are provided by Google and are used through Google Ads. These cookies are only sent to your computer when you visit each sub-page, so we only store the time and date of the visit to that subpage.
The use of cookies as described above is as follows: external service providers, including Google, use these cookies to store when the affected person has previously visited the advertiser's website, and to serve ads to third parties, including Google Partner Websites. The affected person may disable Google cookies on the Google Ads Disabling page ( or on the Network Advertising Initiative's unsubscribe page ( /opt_out.asp) may also disable cookies from external providers