Remote survelliance



Our remote monitoring station performs the 24 hour a day remote monitoring of burglar alarms, fire alarms, passenger elevators, technical and technological systems as well as motor vehicles and persons situated in various locations in Hungary.

For the price of a cappuccino a day? YES!

Our remote monitoring service is here to monitor your premises 24 hours a day and to perform the necessary actions.
Our service area: The whole of Hungary.


HUF 3,250 *
+ VAT / month

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HUF 3,850 *
+ VAT / month

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Financial institutions’ fee

HUF 7,050 *
+ VAT / month

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* Indicative prices – do not hesitate to contact us for specific information.


In the event of an alarm, our operator will inform the persons specified in the service contract by phone as well as dispatch a patrol, the fire department or an ambulance to the facilities of clients holding dispatch contracts in accordance with the nature of the alarm,. The phone conversations with the operator are recorded in each case so that the measures taken in response to the event of an alarm can be easily traced back at a later date.

Our professional portfolio:

  1. monitoring burglary alarm systems with notification
  2. monitoring burglary alarm systems with dispatch / action service
  3. constant monitoring of fire alarm technologies and initiating actions
  4. remote medical monitoring
  5. remote video monitoring

Our computerized system records and processes the data input from the specific objects. After their analysis and evaluation, it automatically displays the results on the dispatcher’s computer.

The advantages you get when you use our services:

  • Your premises will never be left unmonitored. Not even for a minute.
  • Our experienced professionals can prevent any possible misunderstandings and inconveniences arising from inadequate or false alarms.
  • Safe data management with customer password, discretion.
  • Services are covered by a liability insurance.
  • Quick and flexible administration.
  • Continuous professional consultancy.

How long does it take for the help to arrive?

We apply a GSM-GPRS based remote monitoring system that enables a quicker reaction than the landline solutions. In case of an alarm, our dispatcher center checks it and immediately notifies the patrol assigned to the area, who will arrive at the location within 15 minutes and take action.

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