We protect value, and create value!

Our main profile is manned safeguarding.

Our experienced and precise guards carry out various tasks nationwide.
As a result of our activity, the security level increases, we reduce safeguarding risks.

We accomplish our safeguarding tasks always and everywhere with the utmost care.

Manned guarding


With our well trained and prepared safeguarding services we considerably reduce property protection risks at the protected facility. Our experts participate in the preparation of the security strategy and in the formulation of protection measures that react to various risk sources effectively. We formulate our proposal related to property protection services after a preliminary consultation, in a personally tailored manner, subsequently to getting acquainted with the task and the unique characteristics of the area.


Event security services

In the case of any kind of event; a gala, sporting event, cultural event, our company guarantees the carefree entertainment of the guests with a professional expert team. Our staff members fully follow the specified participation and security rules, and politely but strictly enforce them among the participants. Our principal objective is to completely satisfy our client’s demands. For this purpose, we provide support from the organizational phase of the event, through its management, all the way to the event concluding tasks.


Transportation of money and valuables

We offer transporting cash and valuables by our own vehicles, even with armed escort. For this extraordinarily special, confidante position we select staff members from among tried-and-tested employees, who have been working for our company for many years, based on strict standards. Subsequently to the transportation of the valuables we secure the site until their safe placement, or until the completion of the transaction. Our staff members treat all information related to the service confidentially, they make confidentiality declarations in this regard, in every case.


Personal protection

Personal protection is perhaps the most well-known area of the security profession, it is the most sensitive service of our company, in the course of which our staff members are in very close contact with our clients and their families, possibly for months. The selection of bodyguards occurs jointly with our client, since likeability and trust are outstandingly important. Our staff members regularly participate in theoretical and practical training courses, they possess international experience, high-level foreign language skills, special (first aid, resuscitation) as well as protocol skills.



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