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Security auditing

The timely discovery and analysis of risk factors, as well as preventing them ensures the undisturbed, more stable operation of companies. We perform risk assessments for our partners in the framework of a security audit, in the process of which we uncover the flaws of the security system. Based on the discovered deficiencies, we make recommendations for their elimination.


Camera system audit

Sometimes an installed system may create the illusion that assets in the cameras’ fields of view are safer but this could be far from reality if the system has not been fine-tuned and tested.
In most cases, the engineers of the security companies installing these systems consider their job done when the ordered cameras are mounted in the designated places and their images are transmitted to the workstation set up at the security guard’s station.


Private investigation

Our company has been performing successful private investigation activities assigned by legal entities and individuals for many years. We operate exclusively within the confines of the law complying with regulations related to data protection and personal rights. Private investigation activities are performed by well-prepared experts with profound professional knowledge, supported by a broad ranging technological background.


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