Pandemic action package

In the pandemic situation, we expanded our portfolio and introduced new services in order to make it easier for our partners to maintain business continuity.

1/ Cold mist disinfection, which kills any COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the disinfection prevents the virus from re-adhering to the treated surface.

Our company acquired it’s own cold fog generator and set up an intervention unit. The members received the appropriate training and protective equipment for the professional execution of the activity.

Price of cold mist disinfection : 200 HUF / m2 + VAT

(minimum 60,000 HUF + VAT in Budapest, outside of Budapest 100,000 HUF + VAT)

Over 5000 m2 or in case of a regular order, ask for our individual price offer!



2/ Medical testing of workers by a team of specialists.
Our partner performs combined screening for Sars-Cov-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 disease (including sampling, safe transport and storage of samples, analysis and evaluation of samples). By testing (standard PCR method), workers are divided into three groups; 1, already been infected with a coronavirus infection, 2, currently actively infected, 3, not yet acquired the virus. It is worth repeating the screening for members of the latter group from time to time. If our company also performs safeguarding in the area, our security guards will perform the administration of the results of the tests and ensure that the people who have proven to be positive should not enter the work area. Of course, as part of this procedure, we also check the infection of our own security guards.


Ssz. Service Price
(1) PCR individual screening / person:


22,000 HUF + VAT
(2) Quick test / person: 15,000 HUF + VAT


3 / Advanced level of pandemic guarding:

Our security guards undergo medical testing every two weeks and only guards with a negative test can be on duty. They are also equipped with tools to protect their health, such as rubber gloves, mouth mask, hand sanitizer. Our staff is properly trained in the pandemic prevention protocol. Incoming workers, suppliers, and guests are screened with a digital body temperature meter to identify induviduals with fever, as well as performing all other routine tasks at the workplace. It is also checked that entrants wear appropriate protective equipment (gloves, mouth mask).


3/a  IDSS real-time electronic protocol system that provides instant access to users. With this technology, customers get instant,virtual continuous reports of all relevant events without contact, and can also give tasks to the guards (which are logged in writing) and instantly appear on the guard’s tablet! This is important for the fast and exact communication!


4/  Body temperature measuring and monitoring mobile camera system, which enables accurate (+/- 0.3) Celsius temperature measurement even in large masses with the help of its built-in artificial intelligence-controlled algorithm, even from a distance of 3 meters. The camera measures body heat relative to an installed reference temperature source. The images are stored on a recording unit, the temperature data of the people entering can be seen live on a client software. Several people body temperature can be measured at the same time with good effectiveness, with immediate alarm in case of abnormal body temperature. The mobile system, which is easy and quick to install, is not confused by someone wearing a face mask.

If you have any questions or requests for offer, please contact us below, where you will be directed to our competent colleague!