Camera system audit


Camera system audit report instead of an illusion of security

Nowadays, it is hard to find any companies that do not use camera systems to improve their security.
Almost without exception, these are unprofessional systems that give a false illusion that our assets are safer.
We have the necessary expertise and experience to fix and eliminate any deficiencies.

Some typical deficiencies:

  • Cameras are mounted in an incorrect way.
    (Improper field of view, unprofessional fitting so that strong winds can shake the camera and thereby the output image. Fields of view and mounting heights are often chosen poorly. A recording that does not show the perpetrator’s face because they wear a baseball hat or a hoodie is not of much help.)
  • Very often, the installed cameras are of poor quality.
  • Servicemen also forget about the maintenance to be done at least once a year.
  • In most cases, customers are also uninformed and therefore they make improper decisions.
  • Unprofessional installation results in blind (uncontrolled) zones.
  • Technological issues can cause ghosting on the screen, and/or images can be transmitted with half or even a one minute delay.
  • In very many cases, video system monitoring is simply omitted (no operators are employed) or the task is assigned to security guards who have a number of other tasks to do simultaneously.
  • The operator’s room is poorly designed in terms of ergonomy.
    (Operators face an impossible situation as in some cases they are supposed to watch and evaluate 16 or 32 screens simultaneously in 12-hour or even longer shifts, and are supposed to work so in the long term.)
  • The extremely useful snapshot and recording features are often not installed or engaged.
  • In most cases, the engineers of the security companies installing the system consider their job done when the ordered cameras are mounted and their images are transmitted to the workstation.
  • Users or operators are seldom professionally trained to use specific features of the system.
  • The penetration of intelligent camera systems grows relatively slowly.
  • All in all, the majority of the camera systems cannot offer sufficient contribution or added value to the users due to the above deficiencies.

If you want to learn more about the typical deficiencies of camera systems, visit István Kincs’s blog.
The above defects often come to light only after a problem arises.  Then it is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Do not take risks – make your system more efficient so that it does not only look but also sees!


Ask for our professional team’s audit report for an objective picture.

We assess your video system’s condition with particular regard to its capability to meet security-related expectations and professional standards. We advise you how to position your cameras and of any other synchronization and fine adjustment tasks. Of course, we are at your disposal to realize the improvements suggested in the audit to achieve a much higher level of security.

The benefits of an audit report that costs a symbolic sum:

  • We summarize and present the system’s weak points in a precise and easily understandable document
  • We make specific suggestions on troubleshooting and further improvement
  • Following revision and corrections, the security technology starts to produce added value
  • Value for money ratio and return (ROI) improve considerably

kincs_istvanShould you have any further comments or questions, please call our expert István Kincs on the following number +36 1 368 2002 or ask for an audit now.

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