Private investigation

Private investigation


Do not sweep sensitive matters under the carpet! Leave them to us – we look into them and investigate them!

We discover and reveal any hidden information that is important to you – and we do it effectively and relatively quickly by using legal methods only!
An extensive IT background, a conscientious professional analyst team and a prepared staff guarantee a quick and successful private investigation report.

Our services include:

  • screening of business entities;
  • collecting company information;
  • monitoring and tracking the activities of business entities;
  • preparation of environmental studies;
  • customer checks;
  • management checks;
  • security consultancy;
  • witness search in criminal, infringement and civil proceedings;
  • protection against economic intelligence;
  • technical intelligence;
  • technical securing and protection of business negotiations;
  • professional inspections (dactyloscopy, chemistry, biology, DNA, etc).

Screening of business entities, collection of company information:

In accordance with the legislative framework, our company collects and orders relevant and legally obtainable information that comes from searchable materials, verbal information, company registry court records, evaluation of press analyses and a series of unconcealed visual observations.

Throughout our work, we devote great attention to filtering out any manipulated, fake, doctored or irrelevant data.
The operational way of collecting data is typically the most effective method to satisfy client’s demands for information. This special job is done by former professional officers who spent decades in the fight against crime. Their professional qualifications and experience provide an appropriate background for the planning and carrying out of their work. They hold a licence issued by the police authority required to pursue private detective activities and are members of the chamber.

Environmental study

The preparation of the environmental study is a classic private detective activity, in the course of which we strive to obtain and organize all available data and information, such as residential, occupational, family history and all other relevant information related to the target individual that is necessary for building up a personal profile. In the course of drawing up an environmental study, we make use of legally available records, web sites, visual observations and occasional data providers and we conduct concealed, covered hearings. If necessary, in the course of drawing up an environmental study we take photos and make video and audio documentation – all within the limits provided by the law.

Summary report

Our work is summarized in the summary report, which comes complete with all the attached documents, photos and audio recordings. Given the very narrow limits provided by the law, only previously verified information may be used before the authorities. Based on your request, we present the prepared results of the private investigation to you in digitized or printed form, or both if needed. As required by the law, we destroy all the materials in our possession after the contract is fulfilled.
We perform our work in line with the principles of the highest level of discretion and encryption to protect our clients.

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