A clean and tidy environment not only gives you higher comfort but at the same time raises the level of security, too!

Throughout the years cleaning and the maintenance of buildings have become one of our most important activities. Our services cover the periodic (even daily, weekly, quarterly) maintenance type, thorough cleaning of buildings, offices, flats, condominiums, shops and yards. Our company undertakes the continuous or occasional cleaning of inner or outer cladding, windows and other glass surfaces.

Our company provides a high standard of services in accordance with the policies of our quality assurance system and for a reasonable price. High standards are ensured by the experience of our specialists and by the ongoing monitoring of the processes. In order to be effective and productive we apply modern and safe technology. Cleaning products, materials and equipment are used according to the prescribed parameters.
Our cleaning services are audited.

General, daily cleaning

  • hoovering and mopping floors, carpets and fitted carpets
  • cleaning floor-tiles, tiles, mirrors and basins
  • disinfecting and odorising toilets
  • dusting office furniture and equipment
  • dusting ledges and railings
  • cleaning doors
  • emptying bins and changing the bin-liners
  • cleaning windows

Periodic, weekly cleaning

  • hoovering walls and ceilings
  • dusting and cleaning lamps and chandeliers
  • cleaning pipes and radiators
  • cleaning windows and window frames
  • cleaning and polishing doors
  • cleaning computers, monitors and telephones

Houseclean after construction

  • collecting and removing rubbish
  • removing cement, paint, lime, etc. stains
  • hoovering floors and walls
  • cleaning doors and windows
  • cleaning ledges

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