We caught a thief in the Unipatika

The employees of our company try to perform their work with maximum care in each place. Nothing proves this more than a recent event. Last Sunday night, our colleague Tibor Pataki, who was serving in Unipatika at the recently opened Corvin Plaza, which we guard, successfully caught a thief who was just about to steal a valuable product. The behavior of the “buyer” was suspicious to Tibor he and ushered him into the office, where the item to be stolen was found during an inspection. Of course, he acted in accordance with the protocol prescribed at the time and brought the perpetrator under police action. Congratulations to Tibor Pataki, who was extremely professional in the situation.


Gergely Kincs, Chairman of the Board, personally thanked him for his vigilance! We are proud of you Tibor!


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