Transportation of money and valuables

We offer transportation services for money and valuables throughout Hungary and internationally. We take care of the transportation and, if necessary, the guarding of valuables, too.
We recommend our service to corporations and companies when a major business transaction takes place, or when a company conducts business where cash, valuable objects or information need to be personally delivered to a partner or a financial institution. For the transportation of cash and valuables associated with the business activities of companies, we offer services using our own vehicles – even with armed escort – both inside and outside the country's borders.

We offer our services in the transportation of money and valuables in respect of the following valuables:

  • cash;
  • jewelry;
  • paintings;
  • valuable business products;
  • confidential business information saved on data storage devices;
  • works of art;
  • business documentation.

We adhere to strict standards when we select staff members for these extraordinarily special, confidential positions. They are chosen from among our tried-and-tested employees, who have been working for our company for many years.
Prior to carrying out the job, we check the expected route by IT and technical means, we elaborate several versions of how to approach the destination, and analyze all potential hazard points. We gather the necessary personnel and technical equipment system, and we apply for the required official permits (if any). We improve our service standards by using innovative technology (smart phones, ink dye protection), thereby helping to secure your valuables.
Following the transportation of the valuables, we secure the site until they are put in a safe place or until the transaction is completed.
Our staff members treat all information related to the service confidentially, and in every case they make a confidentiality declaration in regard to this.

Guarantees for the transportation of money and valuables:
Our liability insurance policy with Generali-Providencia Insurance Co. covers our services up to the following limits:

for the transportation of valuables HUF 50 million / damage
for money transports HUF 25 million / damage
for the escort of money and valuables HUF 50 million / damage
for guarding money and valuables HUF 25 million / damage

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