Protection from interception

Lehallgatás elleni védelem

Every day, millions of private conversations are conducted all over the world. The security of information and the protection of private, confidential conversations – protection from business espionage – have become much more of a concern than ever before. Take, for example, the different results of pharmaceutical research, business strategies or even things concerning national security that, on top of severe financial damages, might even endanger the lives of thousands should they get into the hands of unauthorised people.

There are two ways to provide protection from interception:

  1. If we know that we wish to create a secure room in our future office, then, even before commencing construction, we should inform the architect as to what kind of sound transmission class (STC) walls we would like. This solution is not only rather expensive but also gives way to faulty construction. Ordering walls and windows with 45-50 STC from the architect is of no use if they are not incorporated properly or if any pipes are fed through above the prospective secure room, in which case all was in vain. High frequency sound can especially spread extremely well through small – even microscopic – openings.
  1. Existing walls and windows with inadequate sound insulation can be protected with the so called Speech MaskingTM system so intercepting any conversation going on in the room from the outside becomes practically impossible.

Our partner, the American Transformational Security LLC. company has developed the so called Speech Mask® technology aiming specifically at acoustic security for big companies operating in national security, governmental and certain market sectors of high priority. This revolutionary new method of protection from interception is offered to all existing and prospective partners of Örmester Vagyonvédelmi Nyrt.

Whole offices or even bigger conference rooms can be made interception-proof.

Most companies providing protection from interception tries to cover conversations conducted in rooms/offices using white or pink noise indoors, at a rather annoyingly high volume. Nowadays, these can be filtered with the use of the simplest audio editing software as they operate at a well-defined range of sound easy to isolate.

On the other hand, if  humans voices are covered with sounds of a similar frequency (also human) and we transmit these sounds into the walls, then the indoor conversations will be impossible to be overheard, while inside the room the sound generated by the device will be heard only at a minimal level.

This is shown in the following info-graphics.

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Beszéd hangspektruma - lehallgatás elleni védelem

The spectrum of speech.

Beszéd + fehérzaj hangspektruma - lehallgatás elleni védelem

The spectrum of speech + white noise

Beszéd + Speech Mask hangspektuma - lehallgatás elleni védelem

The spectrum of speech + Speech Mask

These devices are available according to the different levels of security from the simplest mobile, door mounted versions to the professional audio security systems installed into the wall, with several channels.