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We are here to organize your protection or the protection of any other persons exposed to high levels of risk.

One of the top priorities for our bodyguard team is the continuous analysis of the protected person’s risk exposure. It is never irrelevant to know who those “gentlemen” or interest groups could be who might pose a threat to the protected person. Of course, a hostile attitude in itself does not necessarily imply an aggressive attack – but bodyguards must always be aware of the VIP’s risk exposure. This is because it is good to know in advance what types of attacks can (should)be anticipated. However, we know that in most cases life changes the anticipated scenario and that is where improvisation comes in.
If our customer has already received a direct or a veiled (decoded) threat, we need to raise our service to another level.
First, the severity and background of the threat must be analysed thoroughly. As a general principle, threats should be overestimated rather than underestimated. Of course, the fact that the protected person does not receive any threats does not mean that they are perfectly safe.
The route taken by the protected person as well as the locations where they spend the most time must be thoroughly analysed. In an optimal case, we can set up a separate team who works on the protection of the premises (workplace, family and vacation home, etc.) where the protected person most frequently stays. In addition, all public places where they are going to appear must also be checked in advance. This also includes restrooms if applicable.

General types of bodyguard services we offer:

  1. Undercover, i.e. our professional pretends to be a driver or an assistant
  2. Apparent, i.e. the bodyguards protect the customer in a visible and sensible manner. (This has a serious preventive effect on potential perpetrators!)
  3. Combined solutions
  4. VIP protection guarding consultancy program

What we offer:

  • A professionally trained bodyguard team
  • The elaboration of a protection concept/plan
  • Compliance with the dress code
  • Special protection and communication devices (if necessary)
  • Armored or other automobile (if necessary)
  • A mission control center operating 24 hours a day
  • Perfect discretion / with a confidentiality agreement if necessary

Why you should choose us:

  • We only employ properly trained professionals who also pass a background check
  • We have 26 years of experience, routine and countless references in this field
  • We have the professional knowledge and an IT database which are crucial factors for the job
  • Our colleagues have the high-level social skills needed to manage even the most sensitive situations
  • Our bodyguards speak English and have been trained for conflict management

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