Logistic asset protection at Rail Cargo

Our company has been performing property protection tasks for Rail Cargo since 2016. The company is located in BILK and plays a central role in the Central and Eastern European freight market beyond Hungary.

It plays a market coordinating role in the European and Eurasian region in rail logistics solutions for cross-border transport tasks. In order to meet the needs of their clients, they are involved in the organization and operation of special directional trains along international routes. Our company also participates in performing and supporting these tasks.

We face many challenges on the site day in and day out – we are definitely not bored here. Of course, our basic task is to ensure a continuous – preventive – presence. Daily routines also include preventing unauthorized access, but the site also has plenty of site-specific tasks.

Shipments arrive in the loading area on two routes, one by road and the other by rail. Our guards are also responsible for inspecting hundreds of containers a day, as well as incoming trucks and their cargoes. We pay special attention to the integrity of the containers and their seals, which are recorded electronically. With our IDSS (Intelligent Digital Security System) digital watch log system, our clients can monitor all processes continuously and immediately. Carrying everything out on paper would be extremely difficult and hard to monitor. Given that we live in the 21st century we choose digitalism over paperwork. In our digital system, all information that facilitates the procedure in case of a dispute or a simple back-check can be recorded quickly, simply and easily. Timestamped images clearly prove everything. Of course, not only time is a factor of proof, but also place. Therefore, the coordinates of the inspection are also included in each photo taken.

Inspection is hard physical work, as on a hot day and in torrential rain, snow and frost, we have to climb on the wagons one by one when picking up a train so that we can check the seal, inspecting it from container to container. If a damaged lock or seal is found, it will be sealed with a unique number issued to the security service, recorded and reported.

This is a complex, highly demanding task, where you can’t relax for almost a minute. In addition, the activity is a strong mental strain, as refined individuals use various tactics to replace the broken seal in such a way that the damage is barely visible. We need to thoroughly inspect the integrity of the seals each time, and this process requires extreme care. Due to the complexity of such a train inspection we guarantee the awareness of the guards by making them take turns. They alternate every few hours at different set-up locations, guaranteeing that their attention does not falter and that they can always react with due vigilance.

There is no stop at the cargo porttoo, as containers are constantly arriving, we have to check them, and to record possible injuries. Thanks to the IDSS, our client can immediately be noticed about such cases online, and if there is a complaint against him on delivery, he can prove that the container has already arrived in the area damaged. We constantly keep the (financial) interests of our customer in mind, because precision and documentation are of great support to them in any disputes.

Another task worth mentioning is the inspection of tank cars, which requires extreme responsibility. We need to pay close attention to these because of hazardous materials. If we experience leaks or more serious damage, must notify the emergency services or the appropriate official bodies immediately.

With a permanent patrol service, we ensure the screening of people wandering in the area, which plays a particularly important role, as full enclosure is not possible due to the commuting of fixed-track railway trains. We have surveillance cameras to help us track every point of the object.

However, the performance of these tasks is only a part of what is included in the Guards Instruction, and due to size and professional reasons, they cannot be listed and detailed in their entirety here.

In addition to permanent workers, there are also carriers, couriers and guests in the area, in those cases we have to pay great attention to the full observance of occupational safety regulations, to control the wear of protective clothing, which is also regularly checked by the authorities.

Our profession is degraded by some people. In contrast to this unfortunate cliché, reality looks completely different. We are fully involved in the production and logistics processes of our partners at our service locations.

But, more importantly, we create added value.

The cooperation with our client is great, they are helpful and flexible. Our colleagues carry out their daily tasks with great dedication and professionalism – we hereby thank them for their work.

Péter Kaufmann

Regional manager