IMCo intelligent shelf system

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IMCo intelligent shelf system – Higher revenue, lower inventory shortage!


According to surveys, 20% of products make 80% of inventory shortage.

Which are these typically?

  • Valuable products with a high theft ratio
  • Electronic goods (pendrives, memory cards, ink cartridges, batteries)
  • Cosmetics, shaving apparatus
  • Contraceptives and home medical tests
  • Alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea

Based on experience to date, IMCo Security Shelf System boosts sales and reduces inventory shortages. How is this possible?

1. It calls attention to shoplifters
The system detects that an item is removed from the shelf, and its analyzer algorithm recognizes unconventional behavior. The discreet beeping sound triggered by the removal of an item highly frustrates thieves. The alarm generates a loud and repeated signal that can be combined with light effects. In addition, the signal can be fed into the existing camera system, a phone, or it can even be transferred to a mobile device held by the security guard.

2. Inconspicuous and easy to use
Since the IMCo smart shelf system can be fully integrated with the existing structural elements, its installation does not require any expensive modifications. The device is virtually invisible to the customer – it preserves a customer-friendly atmosphere. The only noticeable parts are the goods dispensers and the separator elements, which do not affect the overall appearance of the shelf. Even better: since goods are always fed to form a single line in the front of the shelves, they make a positive impression of properly refilled stock.

3. ROI in less than 8 months
Looking at the devices installed so far, even the longest ROI did not exceed 8 months. Sales increased by up to 14%, while inventory shortage dropped by 40 to 80%.

4. Strong psychological deterrent effect
Thieves do not like risks. Even the minimal sound signal has proven to deter both the casual thief and professional, returning shoplifters.

5. Excellent references
The premium-grade IMCo shelf system was developed in Germany and has been a success in hundreds of retail and wholesale units worldwide since 2009.

6. Preventing problem escalation
In the event of an alarm, IMCo’s technology enables staff to intervene immediately, right in the sales area. Addressing the customer (or even the thief) in a service-oriented manner minimizes the chances of conflict escalation. Sound signals do not disturb honest customers at all – thieves, on the other hand, are not much delighted by the intelligent shelf system that monitors their every move.

The system’s benefits:

  1. It is invisible to customers (a customer-friendly atmosphere is preserved)
  2. Can be installed onto the existing shelf system, and does not occupy more (useful) space
  3. Supports sales of branded products as they are not locked away; customers can handle them themselves
  4. ROI (return on investment) in less than 8 months
  5. Easy and quick mounting
  6. Spares productive time as the system fills the shelves “automatically”
  7. Has an extreme deterring effect, even on professional thieves
  8. Prevents conflicts and the escalation of conflicts
  9. Proven to boost sales and reduce inventory shortage
  10. German precision, efficient operation

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