Cold fog disinfection of buildings

Applied technology: Disinfection is performed by cold mist spraying of hydrogen peroxide + silver.

The consequences of treating the work area are that any COVID-19 (coronavirus) there is killed and the disinfection prevents the virus from re-adhering to the treated surface. The point  of aerosol disinfection is that the disinfectant is sprayed into the air into extremely small droplets. The smaller the drops, the better. Thus, the disinfectant is perfectly distributed throughout the air space. As the droplets settle in the room, the disinfectant begins to come into play in every tiny gap and hard-to-reach place.



Operating principle of the disinfectant 

The active ingredient of the disinfectant is environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide, which has been stabilized with silver during production, thus increasing the efficiency of the chemical. The end result is a product that is highly effective against microorganisms. Silver, which remains on the surface after the disinfectant has evaporated, prevents re-infection.

During disinfection, only our staff is in the room. The exposure time is 1 hour, during that time entry is prohibited.

In normal case, the disinfection is carried out up to an internal height of 3 m. It's possible to deviate from this in case of prior agreement.

The duration of disinfection depends on the size of the area. We can also do the work at night if lockup cannot be solved during the day.

The active oxygen released from the hydrogen peroxide, in contact with the microorganism, destroys the cell wall through a chemical reaction. Silver ions bind to, block, or precipitate proteins with the proteins of the microorganism through the damaged cell wall, rendering the pathogen harmless. 

Spectrum of effects:

Baktericid, fungicid, sporocid, virucid.


Price of cold mist disinfection : 200 HUF / m2 + VAT

(minimum 60,000 HUF + VAT in Budapest, outside of Budapest 100,000 HUF + VAT)

Over 5000 m2 or in case of a regular order, ask for our individual price offer!



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