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Our company provides complex solutions which means that we provide different security services synchronised thus we are able to reach a higher level of security in the protected property. With our complementary services we are striving to ensure the smooth running of our partner’s business.


Security auditing

Quite often, we easily miss serious risks due to so-called organizational blindness and bad habits. This is why an examination by an external expert can be so useful. Ask our audit team, made up of experienced professionals, for a precise and objective assessment of your company’s property security level. Besides exploring any deficiencies, we also determine the necessary management, organizational and technological measures.


Private investigation

Our company has been performing successful private investigation activities, assigned by legal entities and individuals, for many years. We operate exclusively within the confines of the law, while complying with regulations related to data protection and personal rights. Private investigation activities are performed by well-prepared experts with profound professional knowledge, supported by a broad ranging technological background.


Protection from interception

Whole offices or even bigger conference rooms can be made interception-proof with the help of Speech MaskingTM. This revolutionary new method of protection from interception is offered to all existing and prospective partners of Őrmester Vagyonvédelmi Nyrt.


IDSS - Intelligent Digital Security System

IDDS is a uniquely developed, digital documentation system that effectively complements our manned activity, which provides our clients with cost savings, a higher quality standard safeguarding service activity, furthermore allows better oversight of the safeguarding service’s performance.



The basis for our excellent standard of service is our technology complying with Hungarian and European Union standards, the utilisation of high performance industrial machinery and the use of cleaning products complying with European Union directions. As a complementary service to manned security protection it provides a higher level of security for employees and guests alike.


Mechanical protection

The means for mechanical protection is continuously developing – yet it has faithfully served us since the distant past. Fences, gates, locks, windows and safes have all contributed to a rise in the level of security in our homes or in the case of any other assets. Mechanical devices – like a sturdy security door – are able to withstand long enough to thwart most break-ins.


IMCo intelligent shelf system

The shelf system is a fundamental component of security technology in shops. It detects when an item is removed from the shelf, and its analyser algorithm recognizes unconventional behaviour – that is, when a potential thief is lurking in the shop. When this happens, it generates a signal. On the one hand, the signal emerges as an alarm sound, audible to both the staff and the thief. This often has an effect deterring enough for the thief to give up on their intentions. On the other hand, the signal can be fed into the existing camera system, a phone, or it can even be transferred to the mobile device held by the security guard.


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