Manned guarding


We protect assets and create value!

Our professional guard service creates added value to our customers.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by our carefully selected staff, continuous training and our supervision system.

We place a lot of emphasis on the continuous development of the professional and IT knowledge of our colleagues working in the security services. We have already begun to deploy smartphones and Intelligent Digital Security Systems (IDSS) in the guards’ stations. Thanks to our technical improvements, today our customers can continuously and conveniently monitor our professionals on duty from their offices via an online platform designed for this purpose. The voice reports made by the patrol service (including their geoposition and timestamp) appear immediately on our customers’ – and our executive managers’ – electronic platforms.


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Our security guards perform the following tasks in a professional manner:

  • continuous monitoring/handling of the installed security, fire extinguisher and other systems and elevators;
  • admission and registration of the client’s partners, guests and customers into the facility, escorting them within the building and providing information to them, also in foreign languages;
  • access control and checking of the trucks in accordance with the security service rules;
  • filtering out unauthorized persons and preventing their entry onto the premises;
  • operation of the building’s management and engineering systems;
  • management and registration of the keys and access cards used in the facilities, monitoring of public utility systems.
  • patrolling tasks on foot, by bike, motorbike, car, with a trained watchdog, or even on horseback.

Why you should choose us:

  • We do not only protect your assets, but also create added value. (Our guard’s excellent performances are honored by our company within an interest alignment framework system.)
  • We undertake a free audit report for our customers every year.
  • Communication with our customers is supported by a dedicated professional contact person and a modern IT system. (We continuously present corrective and development proposals related to safeguarding.)
  • Our 24/7 operative center is always ready for action.
  • We remain at your service with an outstanding HUF 100 million/year service liability insurance.
  • Our prices are favorable due to their excellent value for money ratio.
  • We permanently improve the quality of our services using our high-level quality assurance and supervision system.
  • We serve our customers’ security with more than 26 years of professional experience and innovation. (Today, even our company brand has a preventive effect!)
  • The references of our reputable and satisfied partners speak for themselves.
  • Our company, self-defined as an “organization continuously learning”, is led by a prepared and professional management.

kincs_gergely_pmkincs_eszterShould you have any further comments or questions, please call our experts, Eszter Kincs or Gergely  Kincs on the following number +36 1 368 2002 !

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