Intelligent camera systems

Újgenerációs kamerarendszer

Choose us to upgrade to an intelligent camera system that enables prompt intervention!

Regular video surveillance systems – mostly designed for recording only – are slowly being phased out.
The path of development naturally leads towards the processing of current/real time events (or even the prediction of future situations!) rather than just recording past events.

The aim of intelligent technology is to react promptly based on the preset program. When these cameras “detect” an event that needs human intervention, they trigger an alarm. In such cases, they “present” a description of the event and also the underlying short video clip to the operator. The alarm and the video of the event stays on the operator’s screen until it is acknowledged, and it remains available for future reference.

The system can be equipped with an intelligent temporary recording device that stores the records of the predefined highlighted events in high resolution and original quality for a few days. (Of course, the records remain available in a compressed format on the file server, on NVR or DVR for a longer time, independent of the temporary storage device.)
The self-learning algorithm “gets used to” the environment in which it is used: it “learns” regular events (such as people just passing along a corridor), and whenever it detects an irregular event (i.e. someone stops in the corridor and stays in one place for a longer time), it sets off an alarm or performs any other pre-programmed tasks.

When deploying a new camera system, it is advisable to install intelligent cameras in order to make full use of the intelligent video surveillance system’s capabilities but the solutions offered by our company can be effectively applied in existing camera systems as well.


  • motion detection;
  • setting off an alarm on motion detection;
  • detection of the removal or covering of the camera;
  • detection of motion direction;
  • license plate recognition;
  • tracking of moving objects;
  • classification of moving objects (e. g. persons, vehicles, animals, etc.)
  • measuring the speed of moving objects
  • counting objects or people;
  • differentiation between human movements and naturally occurring movements, such as those caused by the wind or appearing on a water surface;
  • detection of abandoned objects;
  • detection of object movements (theft);
  • face recognition;
  • face identification;
  • self-learning – detection of uncommon (abnormal) events;
  • recognition of people roaming around.

Advantages of intelligent camera systems:

  • Smartly chosen algorithms react immediately (e. g. a barrier is opened or an identified person is admitted) or trigger a prompt alarm (e. g. a line is crossed, an object is moved etc.).
  • Data traffic costs are significantly lower, as the system records and transfers 24 frames per second only in the case of a relevant event. (For example, if nothing special happens in a parking lot or during the weekend, the technology records and transfers only 1 frame per minute!)
  • Recordings can be retrieved much simpler and – more importantly – quicker.

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