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Our event security team ensures the smooth running of the client’s event.
Our customers are able to focus on other tasks, while their guests can just enjoy the event. We ensure that all rules regarding participation and security are adhered to and that the security plans for the professional securing of the event are set out in an orderly fashion. The assertive and well-mannered contribution of our experienced staff represents orderliness and, at the same time, a sense of security. Depending on the situation, our staff remains in the background – but if action is required, they intervene immediately!

The reason why more and more event organizers choose us is because we offer comprehensive services. We take the following tasks to support the organizers:

  • drawing up the security plan necessary for obtaining the permit of the competent authority;
  • drawing up fire safety regulations and fire alarm plans (if mandatory by law);
  • obtaining the complex permit of the competent authority necessary for the event; along with administering the procedure;
  • preparing and putting up information signs as determined by the security plan;
  • mounting first aid and emergency (evacuation, fire protection) safety signs and markings (photoluminescent or standard illuminated version) in the event venue, their regular inspection, maintenance and repair;
  • procuring additional devices associated with security requirements (e. g. access cards to verify authorization, wristbands, etc.);
  • providing prepared security personnel – who also have the qualifications required by the Government Decree – for the duration of the event, in the number that fits the specific characteristics and capacity of the venue, furthermore enforcing the security plan;
  • deploying or temporarily providing security technology systems that improve security level (e. g. visual surveillance systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems);
  • educating, regularly reviewing and documenting the security plan (and holding drills where necessary), preparing change notifications, and (within the framework of a commission) submitting them;
  • contributing in the elaboration of other safety standards for services related to music or dance events.

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